Sponsor a Bird/Sanctuary

Sponsor a Bird

Being a sponsor means being financially and emotionally there for a bird living at Prego Dalliance Sanctuary, 501c3 parrot rescue. 

As a Sponsor, you contribute to the basic care and well-being of the bird you sponsor. In return, you will receive regular updates and photos of your sponsored bird.

You alone will be sponsor for a specific bird and your rescued bird will not be sponsored by anyone else. The special bird you sponsor is yours for as long as you wish.

As a sponsor, you can send treats and toys for your “special bird” (and their bird’s buddy or friends). We will send you details on what toys and treats your bird likes. 

At Patreon, you can select different options to sponsor a parrot. Let us know who you would like to sponsor so we may send you a picture and story of that parrot.


Our Patreon Sponsors:

I am full of heartfelt gratitude for all our sponsors. Your kindness and support have meant the world to me. Your actions have touched my heart in a profound way, and I am truly thankful for your support which helps rescue parrots every day.

Pamela Stefanik

Jesselyn Barrow

Lisa Norris

Carrol Nuss

Gabi Keller

Eliane Aronson

Carolyn Kessler

Zbigniew Cichoński

Christa Hubbard


Emily Guilford

Lynnette Donovan

Heather Dickie

Lori Manjarres


Kiley Bloomer

Melanie Hansen

Our Sanctuary Sponsors:

Thank you Christine Chop Shop and Birdhouse BirdToys, from the bottom of my heart for being such an incredible friend/mentor/family member to our sanctuary. Your generosity and love reminds me of the beauty in the world, and it inspires me to pay it forward.

Christine's Chop Shop

The Birdhouse Bird Toys


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