Beak Trimming

Normally, daily activities like chewing, foraging, rubbing the beak are enough to keep a beak trimming. Natural wood perches, and cuttlebones, given your parrot tree branches to chew on, is a great way to keep them busy and their beaks trimmed.

Sometimes the beak does overgrow, because will it grows, just like our nails.

A dremel is what I use to trim the beaks, it's easy and I go slow, taking my time not to hurt him or myself. 1) remember to keep the dermal moving and avoid overheating. 2) take many breaks and check my progress, to make sure you are not overdoing it.

If you go to0 far, you can cause pain because the beak does have nerve endings. Uncontrollable bleed could also occur. So always follow the natural beak line. It's better to do less than to do too much.

Our suggestion:

Watch your vet first before doing it at home so you have a better understanding. 

If the beak grows too fast or abnormally, it can be a medical issue like liver disease. A CBC (blood test) is needed for any diagnose of medical issues. 


Author Monika Sangar 

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