Bhodi's Story

Bhodi is an Indian ringneck who we rescued along with his two brothers. 

Bhodi camouflage
Bhodi camouflage 

All three of them have splayed legs. A condition where legs are deformed due to improper care during the first few weeks of being born. Prince, whose both legs were splayed, didn't make it and passed away two days after rescuing him. Bhodi and Lotus are still living with us in our sanctuary. 

Mr. Bhodi's leg was pretty badly bent. But he manages very well and uses both his legs. Of course, his good leg is used more. Lotus has a curved spine and one splayed leg. 

Mr. Bhodi broke his leg and we took him to the vet. Everything went fine and he healed. A few years later Bhodi had a scrape on his leg. Since he has splayed legs I assumed he caught his leg somewhere or another bite him. I applied healx. 

Birds heal fast. I mean fast. But after three days he was still attacking his leg. This is not normal because the pain should have subsided by now and he should be healing but instead bleeding. 

sweetest bhodi
Sweetest Bhodi

I took him to see Dr. Nemetz. He took many X-rays.

My previous vet left the pin in his leg three years ago when Bhodi fractured his leg. Dr. Nemetz told me around 5 different mistakes, Dr. Brat made with Bhodi's fracture. Bhodi body is rejecting the rod and causing self-mutilating because of the pain. 

The 5 mistakes:

The pin was not required, a tape splint could have worked.
The pin was the wrong size
The pin was inserted the wrong way. 
The pin was completed inside, without leaving room to take it out. 
The pin was inserted from the wrong side of the leg. 

Dr. Nemetz tried several techniques to take out the pin but was unsuccessful. 

The next step was amputation. Dr. Nemetz did try to save the leg and he collaborated with his colleagues, but the best plan was to amputate.

Bhodi's surgery went well and he's adjusting. However, he is continuing to self-mutilating and maybe fantom pain since all his medical tests are clean.

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