Simple Chop Recipe [parrot chop recipe]

Simple Chop Recipe

Are you looking for a simple chop recipe where you can get the basics? Look no further, here is my basic chop recipe for all your parrots. 

Chop is simple. It’s grains, veggies and greens, and your seasoning,  chopped up to make chop. 
Grains: quinoa, buckwheat, rice, farro, barley, millet, cooked beans
Greens: kale, spinach, swiss chard, dandelion greens, mustard greens, cilantro 
Veggies: most vegetables in general. No avocado or tomatoes. 
Fruit: Fresh fruits and Berries. 
Seasonings: flax seeds, rapeseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, nuts, herbs, and spices.
Once chop is made, it can be stored in the freezer, in the fridge mine only last maximum of 3 days. 


1) Boil Water, 5 cups
2) Add brown rice, (any grain which takes 40 mins to cook, a good time to add your orange veggies)

3) Let it boil for 5 to 7 mins

4) Add other grains (any grain which takes 10 mins to cook: quinoa, faro, buckwheat, barley, pasta)

5) Bring to a boil then turn off the heat. Let it soak for 20 to 25 mins. Make sure the grains are covered the whole time.

6) Chop up all your greens, veggies and pulse in a food processor (vary your veggies to anything) Add any fresh veggies and fruit. Varying them will allow for different nutrients and different flavors.

7) Get the spices together. Chills, coriander powered, flax seeds, chia seeds ….. You can also add bee pollen, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, other herbs. Nuts.
8) Mix all together

Chop for parrots


Author Monika Sangar 

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