DIY Emergency Birdie Collar [Parrot Health]

DIY Emergency Birdie Collar  [bird health]


An emergency is usually the case when we need to find something, or know something, and we are usually panicking while franticly trying to find answers on google.

Living in a Sanctuary and I must say I have done this many times. One of the things that could have helped, which I didn't know exist, was how to make an emergency birdie collar. 

If your parrot suddenly gets hurt and you need them to stop picking at the wound OR your parrot mutilates. Your vet isn't close or even better it's the weekend and they are closed. An emergency birdie collar will help the wound to start healing and not get worst until you can get your bird to the vet. Or your parrot picked and broke off his/her collar and you are waiting for a replacement. A lot of damage could be done in a few days and all the months of hard work of healing can be undone. 

Let's face it, these emergency birdie collars aren't going to last long with though beaks and you might need to make more than one depending on your situation. 

But I love DIY information which could be valuable and handy to know how to use it or make it in an emergency because it will save a life. 

Emergency Birdie Collar Instructions:

Step One: 

First of all, find a plastic lid. 
You will also need scissors and painter tape or any other paper or Linen tape.

DIY Birdie collar

Step Two: 

You can cut off the excess rip on the lid.

You need to cut a small circle (for the parrot's neck) as the picture below. You can make the hole larger than you need it because you will be able to adjust. 

Starting from one edge, cut a straight line to the center. Then cut a circle in the center on the lid. 

DIY Parrot Collar

Step Three: 

Using your tape, tape the whole collar, top all the way to the bottom. Making sure no sticky edges of the tape are revealed. Leave one corner of the lid untaped. This is where you can adjust your collar neck size. 

Birdie collar diy for emergency

Step Four:

Now you can use the emergency birdie collar. You can adjust the neck size to your parrot neck and then tape to secure where you need it to be. Make sure it not too tight, but tight enough so they don't escape.

(the clip is there just to show, don't use a clip with your parrot. Use tape to secure) 

diy parrot collar

As you can see, it won't take long to make an emergency birdie collar. This will buy you time to get to the vet or buy a more durable collar.

Emergency Birdie Collar By Juli Ann Sands. 

For Fleece, collars contact Juli Ann Sands. She will help with any issues and has many different designs depending on the individual situation.


Author Monika Sangar 

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