MASH- birdie baby food [ recipe ]

Bhodi, an indian ringneck

Mash: pretty much homemade baby food. That's how we make it at our sanctuary anyways. After surgery sometimes parrots stop eating because of side effects from meds, the surgery itself or pain, can all be the cause. When they need at this time is wholesome nutrition for a faster recovery. We discovered that this Mash recipe is a great alternative to baby food. 

You can feed mash by adding it on top of chop, on top of birdie bread, or with a spoon. Sometimes we just add it to their bowls. 

Since parrots seem to lack vitamin A, we use sweet potato (orange flesh) with various other veggies and fruit to provide a boost in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

We start with steaming peeled, chopped sweet potatoes. With the sweet potato, we add guava or berries or broccoli and greens. 

Once they are completely cooked. More like overcooked, it goes into the food processor. Using the water under the steamer,  food processor the sweet potatoes until a baby food consistency. 

You can add some flax seeds meal, almond meal for some extra protein, omega 3, and fat (yes fat is important).  
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