May 21, 2021

How to find cheap parrot toys

pds pizza box toy

Parrots are highly intelligent and therefore need mental and physical stimulation and agility. Toys encourage exercise, decreasing boredom, and keeps them happy and healthy. 

Finding cheap bird toys is hard, they don't exist or its made poorly and last only a few minutes.  As we all know parrots require all types of toys for entertainment and mental stimulation. Cheap parrot toys are just that, cheaply made, however, there are ways to get around this especially now since things are changing. 

As wood prices increase, wood parrot toys have and will also increase in price.  There are other options and creative ways to help our feathery friends stay happy and enriched. 

 1) Cardboard might be every bird owner's best friend right now. As wood prices increasing, making toys out of cardboard is easy and cheap. There are cardboard boxes, cardboard blocks, cardboard sheets. Check out all the fun, cardboard toys here: Pds parrot toys

2) Infant/ baby toys: Infant toys are not just for a human baby; your 20-year-old parrot might love them too. There are so many varieties of toys from wood to sound making. Go to your nearest thrift store or look at marketplaces online for used old baby toys.  (baby wood toys are safe since they use safe material for baby stuff) 

3) The Dollar Store: My favorite place where I find all types of goodies.  Wooden spoons to paper cups and rubber ducks. The dollar store or bargain stores are the best places to find all types of treasures for DIY bird toys. Remember to check out their baby section. 

4) Lumber Yard: Even with high prices you can find a clearance section at the lumber yard where they are selling off untreated pine wood for 70 percent off.  You might not be able to use the full length and throw away part of the damaged wood, but it's much cheaper than the full-priced stuff. 

5) DIY bird toys: If quarantine had taught us anything, it's how to youtube and google new skills. There are many DIY parrot toy videos.  Many places are selling wood blocks with drilled holes. All one needs to do is string them with a sisal or chain. Done.  

pds egg carton toy


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