Apple seed: The truth to the core

Apple seeds harmful?

If you are active on social media you will come across people saying no to apple seeds because of cyanide poisoning. Though it is true that apple seeds have cyanide, is it enough to kill or cause harm? 

My first question to all my friends was: have you ever heard of a bird getting sick from apple seeds cyanide poisoning? No, one, not a single friend said they know of a bird killed from apple seeds.

I have an apple tree in my garden and birds are always eating the apples and the seeds. Besides the huge mess they leave behind, what can we learn from nature?

Whenever in doubt, Science comes to the rescue. A 100 gram bird will need to properly eat and chew over 50 seeds ( in one sitting) to make enough cyanide for it to become a problem. Also since cyanide doesn’t accumulate and gets broken down by the kidney and liver, the toxicity will be low. As many of you know, the kidneys and liver function as a detoxing organ.

Why I am saying this is because like you, I also freaked out when I thought one of my birds chewed an apple seed. With a little research found out tons of reliable information.
Apple seeds don't have enough cyanide to cause harm. So if you bird eats some, rest assure, he will not be harmed.

Please stay safe and birdie happy!
By Monika Sangar


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