Tips for a Smooth Move With Your Parrot

Moving into a new home is always an exciting adventure, but it can be a stressful experience for

pet birds. Whether you have a talkative parrot or a singing canary, ensuring the comfort of your

feathered friend is essential during this period of upheaval. In this guide, Prego Dalliance

Sanctuary will share some helpful tips and strategies to make the moving process easier and

less stressful for both you and your bird. From reducing anxiety during the move to setting up

your new home, we’ve got you covered!

Tips for a Smooth Move With Your  Feathered Friend
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Moving Between States on a Budget

If you’re moving long-distance with your pet bird on a tight budget, consider staying with family

and friends in your new area temporarily. This will give you time to explore local housing and

employment options while ensuring your bird has a safe and comfortable place to stay. Unlike

staying in a hotel, spending a few days with people you know will make the transition to a new

state much easier for you and your bird. Just ensure your hosts are comfortable accommodating

your pet! Ask questions before you assume anything about whether or not your pet is welcome.

Purchasing Products for Pet Comfort

To make your bird more comfortable during and after your move, consider purchasing a few

new pet products. For example, you’ll need a sturdy and well-ventilated carrier, comfortable

perches for your travel carrier, and plenty of food. Before purchasing products for your bird,

research reviews from veterinarians and bird care experts. You can find websites that offer

product reviews from professionals to ensure you’re making safe and healthy choices for your


Plan for Safe Transportation

Long car trips can be very stressful for birds. To reduce your pet’s anxiety, plan ahead. recommends choosing a secure travel cage that’s smaller than your bird’s

normal cage to prevent injuries during a bumpy ride. That said, make sure the carrier is big

enough that your bird can stretch their wings. Start getting your bird used to the carrier weeks

before your move, as this will minimize stress. Encourage your bird to enter the carrier on their

own, using treats or toys to ensure they associate the carrier with positive things. You may also

want to do some practice runs with your bird in the car, starting with short trips and working up

to longer rides.

Prepping Your New Home

Before bringing your pet into your new home, pet-proof the environment. Spend some time

removing common household hazards, including standing water, ceiling fans, candles, and

electrical cords. Be sure to secure any potential escape routes and close off areas of the home

that harbor potential dangers. You’ll also want to designate a quiet, peaceful space for your bird

where they can relax and adapt to their new surroundings gradually.

Settling Your Birds After Moving

Settling into a new home can be overwhelming for your bird. Help them adjust by offering

familiar treats, such as these homemade seed balls. Offering tasty snacks can provide a sense

of comfort to your bird and a chance to spend quality time with you. Music can also help keep

your bird calm, so play some relaxing tunes as you unpack your things. While you set up your

new home, try to stick to your regular routine as much as possible. Knowing what to expect

throughout the day will help your bird feel at home more quickly.

Moving with a pet bird isn’t easy, but with the right amount of preparation and care, you can

ensure a smooth transition for your feathered friend. From staying with family during your long-

distance move to investing in a few new pet supplies to make the move more comfortable, the

well-being of your avian companion should remain a top priority. Remember, a little planning

can go a long way!

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Author: Tyler Evans


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