Finding the Perfect Bedding for Your Parrot

When it comes to our beloved pet birds, ensuring their comfort and well-being is paramount. One often overlooked aspect of their care is selecting the right bedding. The ideal bedding not only provides comfort but also contributes to their overall health and happiness. In this detailed guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about finding the best bedding for pet birds. 
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Bird owners often prioritize their parrots' diet, exercise, and mental stimulation, but the importance of suitable bedding cannot be overstated. From providing cushioning for delicate feet to maintaining cleanliness in their habitat, bedding plays a crucial role in your pet bird's environment.

For optimal bedding, consider the following:

Convenient Cleaning: Choose bedding that facilitates easy daily cleaning. (You may find our article on essential birdcage cleaning tips beneficial.)
Non-Edible Material: Opt for bedding that your birds won't ingest.
Fragrance-Free: Avoid bedding with strong fragrances or perfumes.
Low Dust: Select bedding that minimizes dust particles.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential for the health of your pet bird. Choose bedding that is easy to clean and replace regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold.

Best Bedding for your Parrot

Paper-based Bedding

Paper-based bedding, such as shredded paper or paper pellets, is a popular choice for pet bird owners. It is affordable, absorbent, and easy to clean, making it ideal for busy bird enthusiasts.
Paper towels
Plain paper
Brown paper bags
Packaging paper
Butcher paper
Ensure to steer clear of glossy advertisements or paper that appears to have undergone treatment, as the ink or treatment may pose safety risks to your bird.

Aspen Shavings

Aspen shavings are another excellent option for pet bird bedding. They are soft, dust-free, and natural, providing a comfortable and safe environment for your parrot. Aspen wood shavings have minimal fragrance and are free from chemicals that could irritate your bird's skin. Ensure you purchase aspen wood chips specifically designed for birds to guarantee their safety and comfort.

Cage Liners

Cage liners, such as paper or padded liners, provide a convenient and hygienic solution for bird cages. They are easy to clean and replace, reducing the hassle of maintaining your bird's habitat. Steer clear of bird liners that resemble sandpaper, as the sand particles can be ingested by your bird and the rough texture may wear down their talons if they walk on it. 

Clean Straw

Clean straw is a suitable option for indoor birds, although it's commonly associated with chickens. It can be obtained locally in rural areas or purchased from pet or feed stores for those less fortunate. However, it's crucial to ensure the straw is thoroughly cleaned, as it can harbor parasites that pose health risks to birds. Look for packaging indicating the straw has been sanitized if purchasing from a retailer. This bedding is beneficial for brooding female birds and provides a soft and secure environment for younger birds. Despite its use, it doesn't reduce cleaning frequency and may even add to the task's complexity.

Bedding to Avoid

Avian Litter

Avian litter usually consists of discarded corn cob fragments, walnut shells, or paper pellets. However, all pose a risk if ingested by your pet bird.


While some people opt for sand as a cage bottom to simplify cleaning, it poses risks as birds may ingest it due to their curious nature. Additionally, depending on your bird's messiness, sand can spread throughout the cage area.

Cedar or Pine Wood Shavings

Avoid cedar or pine wood shavings due to their strong fragrance, which can overwhelm birds and mask potential health issues. These materials can also cause skin irritation upon contact. Opt for aspen wood shavings specifically made for birds to ensure safety.

Cat Litter

While it may seem like a practical solution for minimizing cage mess, even low-dust cat litter can be too dusty for your bird. Additionally, ingestion of the litter can lead to health issues for your parrot.

Choosing the best bedding for your pet bird is crucial for their comfort, health, and happiness. By considering factors such as species, safety, and hygiene, you can create a cozy and inviting environment for your parrot to thrive in.

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