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PDS parrot toys was founded with a destructive parrots mind and the spirit to create funding for our sanctuary. Different toys are designed for mental stimulation, encouraging natural behavior, minimize property damage; all while keeping the birds safety in mind.

PDS parrot toys

We hand make ever toy we sell in Southern California. Using the best, safe material we can find, we try to create new designs, use different textures and colors to optimize the best time for your feathery family members.

Shreddable Parrot Toys:

seagrass mat

Shreddable parrot toys is a great addition to other types of toys which allow for foraging, keeping them active and helps with over preening.
Parrots love the shred, tear and rip. It's a natural behaviour. Shreddable toys are are made from all parrot safe, shreddable items. This helps them maintain and challenge their natural instincts and activities.

Shreddable parrots toys, since they are soft materials, can be a great introductory toy before going to pine wood. This allows parrots who never had toys to play with something that is easily torn.
Playing with shreddable parrot toys releases stress and anxiety, gives them mental and physical incentive, also promotes neurological function.

Wood Parrot Toys:

pds wood parrot toys

Wood Blocks for parrots is a great way to exercise their beaks, they are fun to destroy and encourages natural chewing behavior. There are different wood hardness for all different levels of parrots: Balsa, very soft, to Manzanita which is hard. 

Ladders, Swings, and Nets:

pds swings and ladders for parrots

Parrot swings and ladders are great because the movement cause parrots to use their leg muscles. This will cause muscle growth and strengthening, learning to balance and overall health as muscle growth increases metabolism.

Parrot Foot Toys:

pds foot toys for parrots

Parrot foot toys helps parrots coordinate, balance, and proper use of feet for doing tasks. 
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