Marty's Story

We received a call on October 31, 2013, about a scarlet macaw a breeder was wanting to sell. I canceled all plans and went to go pick him up.

Upon coming home and doing a little probing, we found masses of fat on the tummy and both legs. He was in a little cage with no perch and has only 2 toes (claws because they’ve never been filed). He got sores on the bottom of his feet, so time for a new soft rope perch.
Mom always says people who do this to animals should never wonder why bad things happen in their lives. We are the masters of our own lives, we create our karma. Keeping parrots in garages, sheds, feeding them sunflower seeds, in cages too small for their bodies that they can’t sit up. How is this legal?

He will now go on 4 weeks of aloe detox, 4 weeks of milk thistle, ACV water, wing-flapping exercises, fresh food, toys, and yes lots of hugs.

November 15, 2013.  Somebody lost weight…his tummy is turning normal!
Wrestling to get medicine in his mouth is working.
Scarlet lost over one pound, started getting some feathers back by 2014.

After that, we decided to give him a new home. With lots of searching, and making sure we are getting the right home, Scarlet found a wonderful person who loved him from the beginning. She sends us updated information on him and gives him lots of love.

There is a recent picture of our scarlet who was once locked in a small cage, is now free as can be.
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