Parrot Perches [DIY]

Bits of pieces of information from our experience on perches

Dowels are bad for parrot's feet, they can cause sores which are painful and could cause other problems. The problem occurs because the dowels are too smooth and the birds have to hold on tighter rather than branch perches.

We also don’t use cement or sanded perches. Too many foot issues with them. We have used them all and just not a fan of them especially if the birds like to chew on them.

Fig Branch Perch

We use different sizes of wood perches in a single cage. Varying wood sizes and wood types will help lower any foot problems. You want to choose branches of all different diameters (thickness). Not all medium branches because you have a medium-size parrot. Parrots need a different diameter of branches because that is what birds will find in the wild, branches of different sizes, thickness, hardness.

Rope Bungee

Perches label small, we find are sometimes too small for a small bird. So look at your parrot’s feet and see what perch will be the most comfortable.

Go with thicker and bigger than smaller diameters.

Give them an option of rope perches.

Flat perches are also available in different sizes and shapes.

Manzanita perches can also be too smooth for parrots so have different options of wood just in case or don't use manzanita for perches.

DIY perches from branches:

Make sure they are safe wood ( google )

Cut to any size you wish

Let them dry completely ( usually around 2 to 3 months) depending on thickness or type of wood.

After they are dry, Bake them in the oven 175 for 30 mins or so. Keep an eye out to make sure it doesn’t burn. ( we are killing anything growing on them at this stage) 

If you don’t have an oven or your branches are too big. You can use vinegar or a bleach solution. Spray them. Then let them dry in the sun.

After the oven, or sundry,  y
ou add a hanger bolt and place the new perch in the cage/aviary.

 Store the branches in a cold, dry place. 

Don’t use it if you see mold or discoloration. 

Branches from a Fig Tree I'm sun drying 

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