Parrot diet [ balance is key]

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The number one question we get is about parrot food. We know there’s too much opposing information about everything online and sometimes it's too hard to know what is the truth. So hopefully our experience can help with simplifying bird food. 
First of all: avoid avocado, tomato, salty food, junk food, chocolate.
Next: All we can do is give you our opinion, reasons for why we do what we do. At the end of the day, it’s your decision.
We provide everything to our birds because we believe everything in moderation balances the diet. We provide:
Fruits, veggies, and greens
Seed mix
Pellets (more on this below) 

What we have learned:

1) Just seed diet is bad ( this means people who ONLY give seeds, nothing else) I do use seeds. Not every day, and not only seed diet.
2) Colored pellet have artificial colors which are linked to behavior and health issue. 
3) non-color pellet in moderation 
**Read the ingredients carefully  (not all pellets are great)
**Read the instructions carefully 
4) Fresh fruits, veggies, and greens every day... make chop, steam veggies, make a fruit salad. There are many ways to include them. Add sprouts and nuts to them to make it into a complete nutrition meal.
5) Avoid dry fruit... it’s just sugar, it’s bad for humans and pets. Just eat fresh fruits.
This works most days for us.
Might not work for you, which is fine. Some birds are so picky they will not eat fresh food so few use birdie bread as a way to included veggies into their bird diet. 
Medical issues need to be considered before changing the diet. If your bird is on a specific diet because of medical needs, that must be followed. 

Guava snacks for everyone 


Author Monika Sangar 

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