How to avoid parrot scammers

If you see Macaws, Cockatoo's, Amazons, African Grey at extremely low prices or free if you pay for shipping etc. These are most likely scams. And many will try pulling at your heartstrings with sad stories of why they are selling their beloved bird or giving them in adoption for “free”.

Many will state they breed large number of different species. And I mean large number. Anyone can set up a web site or Facebook page stating they are a breeder. Many scammers will “steal” pictures from others. So you can copy these pictures and google them. You can find many pictures used by many scammers.
Beware of bad grammar, spelling errors, inconsistent information being given.
If you are being given veterinary paperwork – look up the veterinarian and contact them to see if this bird has actually been seen by the vet.
Many scammers will use strange shipping methods or companies that are also fraudulent. Make sure when shipping they are using a legit shipping company. Even contact that company with any shipping information they have given you to check to see if this breeder is legit. When shipping with airlines - once you book a flight the seller is given a way bill number etc right then. You can use this to contact the airline - if they say they will give you this info once they deliver the bird to the airline. Again this is a scam.
Most ethical breeders will NOT sell unweaned or fertile eggs either.
If they show pictures of Palm tree’s etc in the background - most likely a scam.
Buy from a good reputable breeder – ask for references. Join groups, clubs from your area and ask for a good ethical breeder. Well-respected breeders are known by other breeders and avian clubs. And reputable breeders' names get around by previous happy clients.
Ethical breeders are more than for you to go to their home and meet them and view any pet birds or babies they may have. Most breeders do not allow anyone to view their breeding birds for a variety of reasons such as biosecurity and strangers can upset breeding birds.
If they are unwilling to give you their location, address and legit phone number, walk away.
Ethical breeders are willing to work with you, give you information, tips on care, diet, behavior etc. Many are willing to work with you over a period of time and not “rush” a sale. If they start sounding rude etc with any questions you have and if they state they are 100% legit. Walk away.
DO NOT send money via Western Union, PayPal (If using pay pal do not send money stating they are a family or friend [Unless you know the breeder is really legit] {David's Tiel's Aviary}). There"s another method to send payments and its safe via Facebook pay.
DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Research! And if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

BY: THE BIRD CAGE AVIARY· (Christine Clark Ham)

Avoid Scammers


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